Saturday, January 3, 2009

Storms on the Horizon: Prayer Alert!

January 1, 2009

We have once again passed another prophetic threshold on the 26th of December of 2008.  Time itself is accelerating much like a snowball rolling down a mountain: growing ever larger and moving faster and faster as it reaches the bottom.   We have entered into a narrow funnel in the spirit realm that is propelling us into the Day of the Lord.  We are now in the beginning of the season of the time of judgment upon the nations of the earth. 

The length of time between this and the appearing of the Lord for His bride is totally dependent upon how she will intercede in prayer.  We MUST hold back these storms of judgment that are coming if the fullness of the harvest, particularly in the Arab and Moslem world is to come forth for God’s Kingdom.  This is God’s word that He has given me at this time.


Beloved brothers and sisters in Messiah: 




Prayer alert #1:  Pray for Israel and the Middle East!


The Israeli conflict in Gaza with Hamas is the prelude to the three final wars coming in the very near future.  The first war is regional and God WILL judge Islam and its’ fanatic terrorists.  All those surrounding Israel, including Syria, Iran, parts of Jordan, Egypt, and even portions of Iraq, among other regions, will be wiped out and never lived in again, according to Biblical prophecy.  This will pave the way for the “international community’s” response, which will bring the second war, recorded in Ezekiel 38-39: a Russian-led Arab coalition invading Israel from the north.  The third war will be Armageddon itself, before the return of our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah to establish God’s everlasting Kingdom on earth.


Pray for wisdom for those in authority in Israel: both politically and militarily.  In the next two-three weeks, Israel must do all she can to eliminate the immediate threats of Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north.  After Obama’s inauguration, the leaders of Israel know that there will come even more pressure from America toward the so-called “two-state solution” – which will only bring more judgment upon America and the nations.  God will NOT allow it.  Pray, nevertheless, that somehow, Obama’s foreign policy team will not completely turn their backs against Israel.  Pray against the alarming rise of anti-Semitism against the cause of Zion both here in America and around the world.  This sudden increase in anti-Semitism, even here in America, is very disturbing to see, as this latest war has broken out.  Pray for protection of the Israeli Defense Forces, particularly if (when!) they send in the ground forces into Gaza.  Pray for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world that they are protected in every way: especially those that have experienced trauma and the families of those facing the coming days of war in the Middle East.  Pray for the Palestinians and the deceived Arab nations also!   The Lord loves them ALL and does NOT want any to perish.


It is going to get a whole lot worse as 2009 continues to unfold.  Pray for many opportunities for the Gospel message to spread and be received among the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world.  Finally, please pray for the return of the Jews to Israel from the western nations and other places where they have prospered: places in the U.S. like New York City, Los Angeles, and many cities throughout the world in Europe, South Africa, and Australia, etc.  God will continue to shake the economies of the earth so the fullness of the Jews WILL come home, as the Bible predicts.  Ask the Lord to wake them up and send them home!


Prayer alert #2:


Pray that the Laodicean church will repent and return to God before it is too late!  Most are asleep spiritually and cannot see what is about to happen.  Many will NOT be ready at the rapidly approaching midnight hour when Yeshua appears in the sky to catch away His Bride.  There are so many millions of so-called “Christians” that have never made Jesus the LORD of their lives and hearts.  Watch for the passing of two great Generals:  Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.  When they are taken from this earth, a door of grace will be closed that STILL remains open, blessed be God forever.  Like Methusaleh of old, I believe God is lengthening their lives as long as possible!  But, this won’t last forever, Beloved!


God is a very patient farmer that is waiting for the precious souls of the earth.  He doesn’t want ANY to perish but all to come to repentance, even at this final hour.  Pray the Lord of the Harvest to continue to send laborers out to preach the Gospel into the darkest regions of the nations LIKE NEVER BEFORE!


Pray against the demonic spirits of religious and occult deception that the light of the truth will shine in millions of hearts that are bound in darkness – ESPECIALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!  Pray that billions of lost souls will be released from their spiritual blindness and deafness and escape the damnation of hell. 


Prayer alert #3:


Cry out for God to have mercy upon America!  In 2005, the Lord spoke to me an alarming prophecy concerning the preparation of the Bride and coming judgments.  Almost every one of those were stopped and/or postponed, I believe, because of the intercession of the saints.  Blessed be His Holy name! 


However, TODAY, the Lord spoke to me clearly that we are now once again facing a removal of God’s grace covering of protection.  The upcoming election in itself will be a removal of protection from terrorism in the United States and the other Babylonian nations.  I asked The Lord why those terrorist events in that prophecy never happened, and He said:


“President Bush fell on his knees in the oval office and cried out to Me for mercy right after 9/11 and in the Spring of 2006.  I heard him and answered his prayers.  I made a covenant with Him, like I did with King Josiah long ago, that as long as he would be in office as President of the United States, I would keep terrorism out of your country.  However, concerning Israel, he has failed Me.  He failed to stop the political and economic pressure upon Israel to give up and divide the land.  Therefore, I have allowed the natural disasters and the economic judgments to begin to fall.  This is only a small taste of what is to come.  I struck the American economy and removed one third of its’ wealth during the past six months.  If there is not a national humbling and repentance in America, there will be NO way out of economic disaster.  Tell my Bride to cry out for mercy upon your land!  For the coming days and weeks will be ones of further great upheaval and change economically.  There is no stopping the next two crashes in the stock market, unless America turns back to me in prayer, fasting, and repentance.  Only my Bride can lead them into this.  The next economic plunge will reduce the wealth of America to half.  The one after that will cause the collapse of the entire economic system and will bankrupt the entire nation.  The “American Dream” will then become the “American Nightmare”.


There are two grace coverings of protection that I have allowed to remain over America.  The first has to do with the covenant I made with President Bush.  However, if there is no spiritual change in the next month, by the swearing in of Obama, the covering will be removed.  This will release terrorism on America and the great cities of the earth.  The Horseman of War is preparing to ride as is waiting to be released at My command.  The seal will be broken and he is about to remove the false antichrist spirit of “peace and safety” from the wealthy and proud nations of the earth.  However, I will not yet remove the covering of protection concerning nuclear weapons.  THAT SEAL WILL FIRST BE BROKEN IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  WATCH WHAT I DO IN THE DAYS TO COME AS I JUDGE MILITANT ISLAM:  I SHALL SURELY DEFEND ISRAEL AS ALL MY PROPHETS HAVE WRITTEN IN MY WORD.  WOE UPON ESAU!  ESAU SHALL BE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE NUCLEAR JUDGMENT.  PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! MILLIONS OF MUSLIM SOULS ARE IN THE BALANCE. 


“Then, I will judge the other goat nations that have turned their back on Israel with this same fire.  That is the judgment of fire upon the end your Babylonion system of spiritual deception, idolatry, and the greed of mankind.  The “nuclear threshold”, as some have called it, will be either hastened or postponed upon America and the rest of Babylon, depending upon the prayers of My people AT THIS TIME.  IF I CAN FIND EVEN ONE INTERCESSOR, IT IS MY DESIRE TO POSTPONE THESE TERRIBLE CALAMITIES.  WILL YOU PRAY?   I have given America 50 years to return to Me, and have pleaded with her over and over.  Why will you face ruin, America: the once beautiful and majestic.  I weep over you.  How have the mighty fallen!


“Many natural disasters shall also continue to come in ever increasing frequency and intensity, as I shake violently the earth!  It is just as I have spoken of these days in My Word.  Like a pregnant woman beginning her labor, so has this planet now gone into the beginning of major contractions.  Watch and pray, for I will surely protect and provide supernaturally for My Bride in this final hour!  BEHOLD I AM AT THE DOOR! I AM ABOUT TO RETURN FOR HER!  ALL THINGS ARE NOW MADE READY!  BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM KING IS COMING!  LOOK UP, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION IS HERE!  AMEN.”


The times of decadence and plenty are nearly over.  Now, we must set out hearts on eternal things, and not this present life.  Comfort and pleasure are not the goal.  We must be obedient as never before, fall on our knees and pray.  These storm clouds are indeed on the horizon.  What are you going to do about this call to intercede?  Will God find the intercessors that He needs at this time?  May God have mercy on us all!


May the Lord burn this timely word into our hearts and awaken the sleeping church!


Love in our Messiah!


Maurice Sklar












Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night - and my Recent William Branham Vision

My dear brothers and sisters:

God bless you and fill you with peace in spite of your circumstances!  

I just finished watching Senator McCain's speech conceding the election to Senator Obama.  I was really surprised at how big a margin that Obama won by.  Times have changed for sure! Perilous times have come.

However, I am in the mountains outside of Asheville, N.C. visiting my father who is in the hospital at this time.  He is doing a whole lot better and they have moved him out of ICU and into a rehabilitation facility.  Devorah and I go and visit him, of course, but we are also spending some rest time at my uncle Peter's home in front of a blazing fire overlooking the gorgeous Appalachians.  The leaves have all changed and it is a breathtaking view, for sure!  It seems so surreal, in contrast to all the upheavals going on throughout the earth.  This is just the beginning.  Far more shakings are coming.

I have been having some amazing prophetic experiences.  I don't know what else to call them. They are like visions but I am can function in both worlds, so to speak.  I used to have these only seldom, but now they seem to come more and more often, especially since we have entered into the New Year on the Jewish calendar.  

I am released to this one with you, so here goes:

                                                      Fishing With William Branham 

In late August, we were driving my daughter, Rebekah, up to start her Freshman year of college at Berkeley in northern California.  It was about a six hour drive from our home to the San Fransisco/Oakland area north of us.  About halfway up on the highway, the Holy Spirit came upon me like Ezekiel talks about as "the hand of the Lord".  I have learned from experience that this was important, so I waited on the Lord.  I felt like a heavy weight of God's hand was on my whole body.  I was encouraging my daughter about the coming year and went over into the spirit of prophecy.  For the next half an hour, I prophecied over her and a cloud of glory filled our car.  Then, suddenly, right in the middle of this, I found myself in a small fishing boat in the middle of the most beautiful mountain lake that I had ever seen!  It looked like I was up in the Swiss Alps, with huge mountain peaks surrounding us covered with snow.  It was so breathtaking, I just sat in amazement.  It seemed like everything was in super hi definition.  It was perfect!  I just sat in astonishment and looked around.  I was still aware that we were driving, but this was like being "inside" of an Imax movie.  I new that this must be a part of heaven.  Suddenly, I heard a voice that interrupted my reverie, 

"Hey Maury, you want to catch some fish?"

I turned to see where the voice was coming from, and saw a funny looking man with a hat on that was covered with fishing lures that were stuck in it all around.  He looked so happy sitting in the boat next to me as he cast his line way out into the lake.

He said, "This is my favorite lake for fishing.  I always catch the big ones out here."  Then he reached down and found a rod a reel and gave it to me.  "I wanted to invite you to go with me today.  Cast it out!  Maybe you'll catch a big one too."

I said, "Ok. Thank you.  Who are you?"  I cast out my line and was amazed out how it went right where I wanted it to go without even trying.

"My name is Billy.  Billy Branham."  I said, "you are?! Do you mean William Branham?"

He said, "Yep."  Then his rod suddenly bent violently forward as a fish hit his line.  "Allrighteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  I think I got me a BIG one this time!!!!!"   He began to fight that fish as he reeled it in.  He seemed to be so delighted that I just stared at him as he pulled a huge bass out of the lake and it flopped in the boat.  

"I got to send ya back, big fisheeeee!!!", he cried.  Then he looked at me and said, "Maureee, I don't like to kill the fisheees, even though I could eat them.  I just love to catch them, though."
I could hear that he had a little southern accent.  It was like watching a kid having the time of his life.

Then he said, "The Lord wanted me to give you a message.  It's time!!!  It's time for the fullness of my message to come forth.  Maury, you're more than just a fiddle player.  You have been ordained to help me carry and complete my message."

I said, "What message?"

He said, "The message that God gave to me.  You know, not everything I said and taught was right.  But, by God's grace, there was entrusted to me a message concerning the times that you are now coming into in the earth.   There's a great revival, coming, don't you know?  They were trying to turn the worship to me, and God wouldn't allow it, so I had to go home.  But there are 25 of my sermons that contain my MESSAGE."  When he said that last word, he seemed to shout it so loud that it echoed back and forth between the mountains on each side of the lake.  

Then he cast laughed really heartily, and cast his line out again.  I said, "Brother Branham -" and he shouted back, "My name is BILLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  There was that echo again, even louder this time.  "Call me BILLY".  I replied rather sheepishly, "Ok. Billy..."

"Now, I want you, Maureeee, to listen to those 25 tapes of mine and learn my message.  Will ya do that?!!"  He said it kind of rough, like I didn't have to if I didn't want to.  But I knew it was right, so I said, "Yes, Billy.  What are they and where are they?"  Then he said, "AW!  That's easy, just talk to Stevieee.  He knows.  He'll give them too you."  Then he suddenly turned and looked right at me so intensely and said, "It's time for the coming of Elijah to the earth.  But it isn't just one man....There are going to be a thousand of them at first, and then 12,000 for the Grand Finale.  All heaven is waiting for the GRAND FINALEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It will began after the Jewish New Year, just two weeks from now.  Will you take this mantle?  I said, "Yes, sir...if it is God's will."  

"Son,  you've drank the cup of suffering for the past seven years.  You have qualified before the Almighty.  Now you shall see that God is a miracle working God in the earth.  He's not DEAD....He's ALLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  The whole mountain lake seemed to just reverberate for several minutes with that last shout. 

Then the vision ended.  It was now dark and we arrived at Rebekah's dorm room and moved her in shortly thereafter.

I wondered who this person named "Stevie" was.  Then, I remembered I had just played my violin and ministered in a conference in Lancaster, CA. earlier that month.  I had met a brother named Steven Shelley.  He had told me about his long association with brother William Branham through his Pentacostal family growing up.  So, after we got back home, I phoned Pastor Steven Shelley in a small town in Alabama and told him what happened to me.  He immediately confirmed that he was called "Stevie" growing up and said that he was just then preparing a CD with 19 of "brother Branham's" messages that he had left behind.  Before brother Branham died, he had told his son that these contained, "My message".  Then Pastor Shelley said, "But I have always felt that there were several more...perhaps 25.  Thank you for confirming this."

He felt that it was a genuine vision, because he has studied William Branham's ministry and message for many years.  I don't know hardly anything about him.  I still haven't gotten the CD yet, but I am planning to listen to it when I return to California next week if it has arrived in the mail.

I'll be back to tell you of some other revelations that are coming now.  They are coming faster and faster, so I thought I would just blog them so you can receive them, Beloved.  God is preparing His Bride for the marriage supper to come.  Are you ready and waiting for Messiah's coming?  

I am very troubled about the elections.  God gave the people of America the king that they desired, but the covering of protection has been breached...great shakings and judgments are about to hit America.  There is coming a war in the Middle East that will change many things that we take for granted now.  Get Ready and keep your eyes on Yeshua our Messiah!!!

God bless you!  I'll be back very soon...All my love to you, beloved of the Lord!

Maurice Sklar  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to our new blog.

Dear friends,

We have finally set up a blog for our partners and friends. We welcome your comments, prayer requests, and anything else you would like to let us know about. We are getting ready to head off to Israel to be part of the GOD TV tour in Jerusalem. I believe that it will be broadcast on GOD TV next week. ( We are very excited to be going to Israel for the 60th Anniversary celebration.

Don't forget May 16 - 18, 2008 we are having a Worship/Healing/Prophetic Conference at The Carpenter's House in Fontana, CA ( You can find out more details on our website at and click on Itinerary. It will be a great time of worship and the Word.

Also May 31st and June 1st, we will be at Rock of Faith Church in Ontario, CA for more revival meetings.

Blessings to you all and please pray for us during our travels to the Holy Land!


Maurice and Devorah